Uri ng Birtud

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The word Birtud is a tagalog word. Birtud means some sort of Magical powers against evil. In some areas in the Philippines they call it in Anting Anting, Agimat,

Visayas where people mostly speak Ilonggo, Cebuano, Karay-a and Akeanon. The term Birtud for them is ” Panagang” meaning shield against bad spells, Omen, witchcraft and things came from their Enemy. Today there are numbers of people still believes in this power.

Ramon Revilla Sr. a Filipino Actor is famous making movies about birtud anting anting and birtud.  Birtud and anting  anting is consider as a part of Filipino culture.

Some Tribes in Mindanao have a great belief that Birtud can even protect them from the enemy Bullets. They have amulet and belt which define as belt of anting anting. Today there.  The island of Siquijor is known for this kind of belief. If you want to know more anting anting, black magic visits Siquijor Island.

Also another term for Birtud in English is Virtue

Mga Birtud

Birtud is a tagalog term for Virtue – Good manners and right conduct.

Birtud means – Virtue is acting under Honor, Responsibility, Faith, loyalty, love and all 144 faculties of soul.

Birtud or virtye was given by persons who have a good sense of knowledge.

Birtud is isang kahulugan ay ang pagiging makatao bilang matatag at malakas.

Good manners and Right conduct.


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