How To Become A Freelance Clown

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This article will tell you how to become a self-employed clown. In today’s economy, it could do you some good to be your own boss and make your own schedule. You will, however, have your work cut out for you.

First, determine the things you need to buy for work. You need to go shopping and pick up a few items so that you can do your job. You will need face paint, outfits, shoes, hats, a nose, and a wig.

First, the way you do the face paint is important. You are trying to make your eyes stand out and look big. You are trying to paint a smile on your face that will accentuate your actual smile. You can choose to find a picture of a famous clown and copy their face paint to an extent. In fact, if you are new to this, that might be the best way for you to begin. After all, if they are famous, they must know what they are doing.

Your outfits need to be crazy. You need really big baggy pants. You need a colorful crazy tie or huge buttons. Go to the local costume shop and see what they have for sale. You might find a whole outfit there. You can also try to search online. I am sure you will find an outfit that is completely ridiculous and approprate in every way.

Your shoes should also be big. You may choose red clown shoes or any other color that suits you. There are no rules here. The bigger your shoes are, the funnier you will walk. The funnier you walk, the more the kids will laugh. You just made them laugh with hardly any effort on your part.

Pick out a giant hat. You choose the style and color. It should be funny and it would probably be best if it didn’t match anything else you are wearing. Also, get one of those clown noses and a wig. These are both signature pieces for a clown.

Now you need tricks. You can also buy full sets with all the items you will need to perform tricks. You could also get a friend to help you with your tricks. It might be more funny if there are two of you to interact with one another.

What’s the point of being a clown if you have no parties to attend? You need to get hired. Start advertising yourself like crazy. Put your listing on craigslist. That should get you some local recognition. Place an ad in the local newspaper. That is also a great way to get noticed. Sometimes towns have a local channel where there are classifieds. Get an ad there. Buy billboard advertising. It’s relatively cheap and everyone will see you and your contact information. Make yourself a fan page on Facebook. You are sure to get some business soon if you do all of these things.


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