The Ultimate 10 Signs Proving That Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You

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Men in most parts of the world behave the same way in relationships. But for women, it is not easy to understand. This has created a problem in knowing how a man truly loves his partner.  If you are reading this you must be in doubt about your boyfriend’s feelings. You are wondering if what he shows for you is true or not. But do not worry, there are actually several signs that he unintentionally can give off to prove how much he loves you. However, try to find out in your boyfriend the ultimate ten signs listed here. They actually prove that he is completely sure of the love he has for you.

  1. Holding your hand in public does not make him nervous: For men, holding hand of a partner is a big thing. But the ones who are truly in love with their girlfriends usually exhibit no nervousness in public about such matters.
  2. He asks you if you want something to be changed in him: Believe it or not, men, no matter how good looking they are, go through self esteem problem in front of the girl they truly love. So they often try to know from her whether they need to change something about themselves. A point to be noted is that it happens in the beginning of the relationship.
  3. He does not want you to wear skimpy clothes: Yes, this is also a sign that your boyfriend truly loves you. Apparently, men know how other men see a woman wearing skimpy clothes. Your boyfriend might not force you to wear his favorite dresses, but his love will compel him to make comments on your mini skirt and tank tops.
  4. He remembers what you told him several months ago: True love make a man completely land his ear to everything his girlfriend says. So he is able to remember even a short story you told him about your childhood.
  5. He cares if you are hurt or ill: Caring instantly happens in true love. So when you are hurt or ill your boyfriend will make sure to take care of you.
  6. He says I love you:  A man who does not truly love his girlfriend will come up with many excuses to not to say I love you to her. He might even say that he never uses those three words at all. But the one who knows deep down inside how much he loves his sweetheart will not be afraid to say them to her upfront several times.
  7. He is not afraid to talk to you on the phone in front of his friends: Remember, a man who doubts his love usually gets nervous while talking to his girlfriend on the phone in social gatherings. His voice might change and he might give off the vibe of a stranger.  On the contrary, a man who truly loves his girlfriend will sound confident on the phone. If he is busy he might simply say that he will call you later, but he will not try to sound like he does not know you at all.
  8. He is letting the world know that you are his girlfriend: A man who knows he has truly found the one will make sure that everyone knows about it.  So his Facebook profile will say he is committed. Apparently, the men who are still not sure of their girlfriends will not change their relationship status.
  9. He cannot get enough of uttering your name in his conversation with others: A man whose thoughts revolve around   his girlfriend will often mention her name in his conversation with others. She cooked me this, she made me that and so on will make placements in his words. There will basically be more praises in on the tip of his lips about you.
  10. He says he has no problem when you tell him that you do not want to have sex with him: You must know that when a man stays with a girl just for sex he gets disturbed to hear that he will not be getting anymore of it from her for a while.  But if he is truly in love he will agree to her decision. 

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