Tips For Reading Teachers, Part Two

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To interest children in reading it is important to present them with books which appeal to them, as it will increase their desire to read.  There are many funny and interesting books to give children to read, it is only a matter of picking through the mediocre ones to find them.  Before giving a child a book to read it is helpful to read through the book yourself, or at least skim through it.  If you find the content boring, then any child will most likely feel the same way.

Once you have established the reading level of a student and have found interesting books to give the child to read, the next step is to help the child learn different reading tricks.  Assuming that they already know the alphabets and the sounds of different letters, children should be taught how to break up longer words and sound out the different parts of the word, in order to not be overwhelmed by longer words. 

As well, if a child doesn’t understand a word it is important to teach them to read the full sentence, which can often provide them with clues as to what the word means.  Furthermore, it is important to encourage children by giving them positive feedback and congratulating them when they read a sentence well, or put in a good effort.

As well, a great tip to help children learn to read is to give them spelling quizzes on words found in a book they just read.  This will gage how much they were paying attention to what they were reading or whether they were simply going through the motions of reading.  As well, if a student knows how to spell a word, then they will able to read it.

Although teaching a child to read can seem intimidating and challenging at first, if you know where to start then you will find yourself on the road to success, and there is nothing like the satisfying feeling of teaching a child to read.


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