Wwe Smackdown,smallville & Supernatural

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friday night around 5pm i tuned into watching my favorite wwe programming wwe smackdown.. Im looking forward to the return of christian to the smackdown roster..i miss my peepmaster lol. .. so smackdown got added two new faces to the brand heath slater and justin gabriel.. these two last we saw on monday night raw.. didnt want to do what cm punk told them to do.. so they left raw and show up on smackdown during former nexus leader wade barrett’s match with the big show….and what they did do..they decide to gang up on the big show to take him out join by ekeziel jackson… hmm..what does this mean for the smackdown brand…and when we will see the return of the undertaker.only time will tell when the deadman returns to take back his yard…as for the divas match..it was one of the typical divas match..it wasnt very long but it was ok feature michelle mccool vs beth phoenix.. seriously sd is lacking divas action lately….beth wins on this one..congrats to beth.  dolph ziggler and vickie guerrero had their moments talking to teddy long but he had a phone call to answer.. we fast forward to the cutting edge..segment.. seriously are they really trying to  make us belive that somehow dolph ziggler will become world heavyweight champion at the royal rumble with vickie at his side..please.. thats a joke..miz is a joke as the wwe champion too.the fans are not  taking miz as wwe champion seriously….please remove him as champion and give it someone else who is more deserving like John Morrison…..i seriously hope come next week on smackdown Edge will go after dolph for what he did to him on friday…moving on.. smallville this week was a rerun of homecoming..when lois and clark go back to their high school reunion without chloe..poor chloe..i wonder where she is…. supernatural was a rerun also…im looking forward to the new season from both shows..should be interesting.


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