Nokia E71 Straight Talk Smart Phone Review

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If you are in the market for a prepaid cell phone, then you might have noticed the phones from Straight Talk Wireless, one of the most popular prepaid phone providers available today.  Straight Talk recently released two new smart phones (yes smart phones on a prepaid plan) and they have gotten pretty good acclaim.  Well, I would say that the Nokia E71 has been a little better received than the Nokia 6790, the second phone that this company released recently. 

Nokia E71 for Straight Talk is a legitimate smart phone and will allow you check your email (from multiple accounts if you have them), browse the web, of course makes calls and send text messages, and download apps from the Nokia Ovi app store (some are free and some cost money).  In addition you can use the voice guided navigation feature.  And all of this is included in the Straight Talk Unlimited prepaid plan for $45 per month.

You get unlimited talk, text, web, 411, and navigation.  It’s one of the best priced phone plans out there and you get to use the Blackberry-like Nokia E71.  It has a nice look, a good screen, and a full qwerty keyboard that makes web browsing and sending text messages super easy and fun.

Have a look at the Nokia E71 from Straight Talk if you’re looking for a high end cell phone and want to cut out some of the money you pay on your contract plan.  By the way, prepaid means you don’t have to sign a contract.  I like that.

Learn more about this phone in a review of the E71 smart phone.


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