Love Dogs And Cats, But Don’t Believe in Keeping Pets

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I remember we had a family cat when I was about 10 years old. It sadly later passed away. I also remember that there was an Alsatian dog (German Shepherd) in the compound where we lived but I don’t think it belonged to us. One day it just ran away and never returned. I expect it must have found other escaped dogs and formed a pack with them, preferring their company rather than that of humans. Apart from these memories I don’t think there was any other point in my childhood where we had pets or lived near one. So I’m not entirely sure why I have this love for dogs and cats.

As an adult I’ve never owned any dogs or cats, but I’ve always felt strongly drawn to them. For instance I would most probably go and see a film because there was a dog or cat in it.Also, I’m a big fan of TV programmes such as ‘It’s me or the dog’ and ‘Dog Whisperer’.I would watch episodes at every opportunity I got. However, I don’t really agree with the idea of keeping pets even though I adore them. Therein lies my dilemma. That all sounds like a total contradiction I hear you say? Yes, I know. I can’t explain it either. Here are some of my favourite dog and cat breeds listed in order of preference.

Favourite Dog Breeds

Whippet : This is a breed I feel would suit my quiet, calm and laid back nature. They are described as gentle, patient, tolerant, quiet and make ideal companions. They are also said to have minimal shedding and require grooming only once a week.

Labradoodle : This is a cross between Labradors and Poodles. I’m drawn to this breed because of their cuteness. They are also meant to be sociable, friendly, non-aggressive, clever and very intuitive.

English bulldog : I was never keen on this breed because of their ferocious appearance, but they have won me over after observing them in parks interacting with their owners. They come across as very friendly and peaceful. However, I still don’t like the ones with the under bite. I much prefer the normal looking ones.

Labrador Retriever : My heart melts every time I see a Labrador. From what I have gleaned around me they seem to be a very popular breed. They are supposed to make good family pets because they are good-natured, friendly and very loving.

Border Collie : I became fond of this breed after seeing them on several shows on TV. They appeared to be very intelligent and eager to please. However, being so intelligent and lively means that they require plenty of attention and exercise.I may not be able to give them the time they need hence they have featured last on my list of favourite dogs.

Favourite Cat Breeds

British shorthair : Now this sounds like my kind of cat. Described as big softies, they are gentle, loving, quiet and do not crave human attention continuously. They are hardly ever mischievous and are happy as indoor cats.

Russian Blue : I think this breed would suit me because of their quiet, sensitive and reserved nature. They are also said to become devoted pets as they get used to their owners. Spending some time to groom them can speed up this process by brushing them from time to time.

Norwegian Forest Cat : I’m quite keen on this breed because they have been portrayed as intelligent, very friendly and playful. One drawback is that they may not be as independent as I would expect cats to be. Apparently, they don’t like to be left alone and always want affection.

Whether I believe in them or not, the fact is that humans have kept pets for centuries and will continue to do so. The most important thing is that the animals are kept happy and are well looked after. They bring immense joy to people’s lives and this should be reciprocated by all means.


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