How to Get Free Movie Tickets

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Movie tickets are becoming increasingly expensive while the demand for free movie tickets is also on the rise. It is easier to give up on seeing that new action movie instead of giving up milk and bread especially when times are tough.  Free movie tickets are definitely the way to go if you want to indulge in a movie experience this upcoming weekend. IMAX tickets can set you back $15, while regular tickets might set you back $10. Of course this price depends on the time in which you go and what movie theater you go to. For the most part trying to see a movie on Friday night might have you thinking twice. Luckily, Fandango is offering free movie tickets when you fill out a TrialPay offer.

TrialPay is a site that operates on a “Get it Free” payment system. Once you complete one of the offers on the site then you get the specified item for free. In this case you would be getting Fandango movie tickets for free. You are probably saying something like “If I can’t afford to buy a movie ticket what makes you think I can afford to complete these offers?” Well the beauty of TrialPay is that they have a variety of offers for you to choose from. You can complete offers that have FREE trials (you pay nothing) or offers that only require you to pay a small amount of money.

How to Get Free Movie tickets

To be one step closer to your free movie ticket start by going to Enter your zip code to find a theater near you. Look for the theater that you want to go to and click the button beside it that says “Get ticket FREE! see how” This will now redirect you to a list full of TrialPay offers that you can complete to receive your free movie ticket. Once you complete the offer you will be given a free movie ticket code that you can enter while purchasing your tickets online. The ticket is good for up to $12 so this may be the night where you go all out and buy that 3D movie ticket instead of the regular admission ticket.


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