Strengthening Core Muscles For Fast Back Pain Relief 2

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In this exercise, I’m going to show you a side view of a previous exercise that I showed where I lengthen and strengthen the core musculature of the body. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn to my side now. First of all, you’ll want to start out with your two feet parallel, knees, ankles and hips are all lined up together. My weight is balanced evenly across my two feet, but centered on the area just in front of the heel. So I will turn to the side view for you. My feet are about hip width distance apart. Now, I start with my arms at my side, I balance my weight over the two feet, and center my weight just in front of the heels. And I just simply raise my arms up. I engage the quadriceps, so that they’re working; I want my quadriceps to work. And then I notice that, as I raise my arms up, my arms are going to want to bend a little bit. So I take them out of a “V” shape until they’re straight. And then I straighten them further towards the center for a more vertical posture, just until I feel that I’m having a little trouble holding them straight. Just make sure to keep your arms straight. So know I make sure to straighten my knees and balance my weight over just the area before my heel. I’m going to draw my weight into my heels a little bit, turn my tailbone under a little bit. That flattens my lower back area a little bit. And now I’m going to extend even higher because now my spine is supporting my body, and my stomach is pulling towards the front of the spine. So into my body, although not sucking it in. It’s pulling it in its own accord because of this length. The area just in front of the heels is pushing it into the ground, and I’m trying to reach up to touch the ceiling. So there’s an opposing action of the pushing up of what I presume to be above me and pushing into the floor below me, lengthening my body. And then I simply bring my arms down, and rest for a moment, and do it again. This is great for strengthening core musculature of the body but at the same time lengthening the complimentary musculature that supports the spine and especially the lower back and the pelvis. So, again, it’s not just strengthening but it’s lengthening while strengthening. This is an integrated whole body exercise, and it’s fabulous.

It’s so easy to do this exercise. Its hassle free, it doesn’t require much space, and you can do this in the privacy of your home. What’s more this exercise relieves lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, all sorts of back pains fast. Try it, and see for yourself. To get the free video of today’s featured exercise visit Register, and grab the video and all the other videos absolutely free, no hidden charges whatsoever. What are you waiting for? Grab one now, and take your first step to a newer, healthier you.


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