Tips For Successful Bargain Hunting With Bank Car Loans

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What do you do if your credit score is reasonably good (700 or so),  but you still have trouble financing a car  at a reasonable kind of APR? It is known to happen in today’s difficult credit market. That’s when you turn to an online car financing company like AnyAutoLoan or CarsDirect Car Loans. It’s when the credit market tightens and bank car loans begin to shut down for you that you really need to shop around for a fair loan rate. Don’t just walk into the dealership expecting to be handed a fair deal. When you do that these days, you get stuck with a really high APR. Try the online lenders or even the credit union at your place of work instead.

All of this can be really good advice if you haven’t taken the plunge yet and signed anything for a new car yet. What do you do if you have already been suckered into getting an expensive alone? Refinancing is a your best hope. With all bank car loans, people wonder how they can ever tell how much to apply for when applying ahead of time. How do they do this when you don’t even know the exact price of the car you intend to buy? The lenders have a specific process for this. They ask you to narrow your choices down to two or three cars, and then give them the sticker price of the most expensive car on your shortlist. They give you a blank check that’s good for any amount up to the sticker price you quote. You just take the blank check to the dealership, and fill in the amount you finally work out with your dealer. It is absolutely essential that you talk to the bank car loans department before you ever walk up to dealership with serious intent to buy.

People often forget that when they go into the dealership to buy a car, they’re actually buying two products – the car and also the financing package that they will use to finance their car purchase. People need to shop around for the best financing package just as they shop around for the car. What you need to do is to shop around and ask for loan APR pricing for a variety of financing products with different lenders. You need to know yourcredit score, and you need to be armed with the rates on bank car loans before you even walk in a car dealership. In the end, there car dealers out there who won’t honor your FICO credit score. They want to look at FICO Auto Industry Options Score to see what kind of car buying history you have . If you have no history buying cars, they won’t lend anything to you. Just walk out of the dealership and find another one then.


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