Life in Multiverse

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According to M-theory there are 10 to the power 500 universes. Each has its own unique set of laws. One of them is our universe with its own set of laws. M-theory also stipulates that the universe is 11 dimensional, one of them is time. We live in space-time where space is 3 dimensional. Visualization of such world is impossible but abstractedly mathematically it has been deduced. Why we are in search of the ultimate building block of universe? We are part of this whole and if whole is understood completely part will be understood finally. Quest of ultimate truth has led mankind to scale over all physical boundaries to abstraction to illusion to individual meaning of illusions defined separately with unique set of laws.

But what is illusion? A glass of half filled water is half empty for A and half full for B. Both   are correct simultaneously and both are completely opposite in expressing an event with their own set of laws. It has nothing to do with optimism and pessimism as psychologist tries to gauge the behaviour of observers concerned. Observer A has his own unique set of laws to define and understand the world and observer B has that of his own. Third observer C got bewildered to see that both diametrically opposite expressions are simultaneously correct leading to an illusion. But in quantum field opposite events are happening simultaneously having their own unique histories searching all probabilities to happen exactly as observer wants it to happen. So observer causes events to happen.

 But is there anything independent of observer?  String theory has tired to explain the various forces acting upon each other simultaneously with the help of one dimensional string which is nothing but the energy, the basic building block of particles. Far beneath the sub-atomic level lie the domain of String Theory and the idea that the fundamental structure of reality arises from multidimensional vibrating membranes (or Branes, for short). As the theory was probed further, it was realized that all physical attributes of our ordinary three spatial plus one temporal dimensional world could be explained through the vibrating of multi-dimensional objects, Branes, in eleven dimension of a super reality. The seven unperceived dimensions were viewed as having rolled up to nearly infinite smallness when the universe came into being. String vibrates to send information embedded on it to create form. Creation of form is independent of the observer but interpretation of form having all possible histories depends on the observer again leading to illusion.  

The theory of attraction having scientific undertone of assuming everything is nothing but only energy has drawn its premises from the Hindu Religion that all is in one and one is in all and that one is Brahma. Brahma or thinking mind or creative energy or string, the building block of everything whatever names we assign this entity is completely an abstract and can only be fathomed by subjective direct perception. Here comes the whole system of Yoga and related sciences to propound ways to access that perception for knowing oneself and ultimately achieving Enlightenment. But enlightenment of one is not enlightenment of all. Systemically it cannot be for it can only be subjectively perceived. Mind embedded with knowledge and logic is trying to decipher the code of life through superstring theory again leading to illusion. Are we destined to live in ever increasing illusion along with universe which is gradually and surely expending? Everyone has his own set of laws to interpret everything making it unique in tune with  his own uniqueness. So illusion is looming large ever. Everyone is an universe unto oneself . We were, are and will always be living in multiverse . Are we not wasting our time in search of the code to decipher the meaning of life that is nothing but illusion? So has time now not come to start living life not searching it elsewhere?


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