Social Gaming Is Dead: What Facebook And Zynga Can Learn From Video Games

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Social games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars of Facebook fame while a sub-genre of the “casual games” category are not the only games in this category and so the contents of this article may not apply to all of games. However, despite this distinction it is notable that some people who consider themselves ‘truegamers’might not consider these to be ‘truegames’ at all. Even if you do not consider these to be ‘games’ it still shows that there may be a social gaming crash in the future.

To start, social games such asFarmville and the like are being overproduced. This simply means that these games are abundant to a point that Facebook is saturated with this games that people simply cannot play them all. Also since some people play many games they will eventually realise that their time and effort is not worth playing numerous games.

Lack of innovation is also a contributing factor to this as well. Most Facebook games come down to mindless clicking which in the bigger picture contains no value for the user. In the video game world innovation is required to maintain a persons interest; should some innovation not occur the users on Facebook will move on to the next ‘fad’ and social games will become buried in the sands of time.

While these are only some of the reasons why social games are on the decline they may also be applied to other models of business in the real world. It also shows that when one seeks to understand its own industry, there are many ways one can learn to be better.


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