Tomorrow When Facebook Disappeared… (Pt2)

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*If you already haven’t, please read the first part of this article, which can be found here*

Initially websites such as Twitter would get overloaded with whinging FaceBook dicks – It won’t be able to cope with it’s share of the traffic spike.  For several days the burden will be passed among different news and social networking sites, and many of them will fall.  

Once all the FaceBook users get their heads around what has happened, there will be a huge decrease in the west’s total internet traffic.  There are many people who use the internet solely for FaceBook, and after it gets wiped off the face of the earth they’ll stop using the internet altogether.  Others will switch to different social networking sites, and the more sane ones will just cut the social networking crap out of their life altogether (while still using the net for other tasks).

Down the track a bit the internet infrastructure of western countries will benefit from FaceBook’s absence.  Less traffic and page-views means less load on everything, and faster internet connections for those who are still online.  Many will happily forget FaceBook in favor of faster internet speeds, while other FaceBook nerds will plunge into depression (which is pretty pathetic).

In the following months there will be a ton of new social networking sites popping up, and existing ones getting bigger.  A seriously huge amount of companies will spring onto the internet, fancying their chances of being the next FaceBook.  Most of FaceBook’s old users will jump of the bandwagon of the new sites, and before long the world’s internet traffic will climb again.

But what will happen when FaceBook tries to rebuild?  Will it be a flop?  Will it come back and be the most popular site in the world again?  Read the third chapter here.


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