Tomorrow When Facebook Disappeared… (Pt1)

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Several different bombs explode at each of FaceBook’s server locations.  In several seconds every bit of infrastructure that holds every byte of FaceBook’s data is wiped squeaky clean.

For the years where FaceBook has been extremely popular, many have thought about the concept of destroying it – Over the internet of course.  However destroying every single one of FaceBook’s servers physically is fool proof, and probably not as difficult as launching a cyber attack.  I would imagine there would be several large server locations in different parts of the world, however bombs could be planted in each and go off at exactly the same time.

Its not like blowing up a commercial plane – There wouldn’t be much security at the server complexes, so planting bombs would be extremely easy for experienced terrorists.  In the blink of an eye the biggest and most popular website in history would be gone.  And in the time that it takes for FaceBook to rebuild another company would have taken the lead, meaning FaceBook would not come back.  Ever.  

Something like this hasn’t happened before, and there is no defense.  What will be the result of FaceBook going down?  What effects will it have on the rest of the internet, and the rest of the world?  Click here to read the second chapter… 


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