Which Consumer Electronic Equipments Do You Use?

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The electronic equipments which we use on a daily basis are called consumer electronics and they include TV, DVD, telephone, CD, laptop, PC etc. They are manufactured all over the world. There is continuous fast paced enhancement in the field of electronic engineering and every day you will find many new kinds of electronic items flooding the market. It is seen that the price of the electronic products which already exists also goes down all the time. In fact this is amongst the biggest benefits of the consumer electronics industry.

One big issue linked with the electronic products is electronic waste and there are several manufacturers who have become aware of it and are trying to find ways to deal with this waste.

Let us see some of the main Electronic Devices

Television is a gadget which has the capability of receiving moving images as well as from long distances. There are a number of inputs which are needed for the complete receiver and transmission systems for the viewers to be able to enjoy it. They are mentioned below.

  • Camera is a gadget used for clicking still or moving live pictures images. There are flying spot scanner which is used for transmission of the source of sound and films.

  • Transmitters which are used for transmitting sound as well as images.

  • There are receiver systems which receive the signals.

  • There are display devices such as CRT, plasma, Rear projection or LCD. They are used to display the received signal in the way of sounds and images.

Telephone is a gadget which is used for communicating between two people who can send as well as receive sound signals through large distances. This communication system needs the inputs mentioned below.

  • The telephone apparatus, which has the ability to convert sound signals into electrical signals and then again the electrical signals, are converted to sound signals.

  • There are central exchanges from where all the people using telephones are interconnected.

  • Wiring is done which connects all the different subscribers.

Semiconductor: You may wonder the importance of semiconductors. There is no electronic device which can work without semiconductors and it is an essential part of all electronic gadgets. Semiconductor works as an insulator at absolute zero or at -273 degree centigrade. Semiconductors show a very little electrical conductivity when at room temperature and this is much lower as compared to a conductor.


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