Have You Tried Out The Asics Shoes?

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I really enjoy running from the time I was in high school when I was a part of the cross country school team. Running is not only a great way to keep in shape, but is also a wonderful way to gratify your competitive nature. In fact I still take part in a number of 5 or 10 kilometers runs in my neighborhood whenever I can and there are times when I travel to larger metropolis such as Chicago and Boston to try out the famous marathons. Like any other competitive athlete and runner, I am very serious about the equipment I use. That was the reason why I was a little doubtful when I got a pair of Asics shoes from my friend for my birthday. I was not very excited or sure about changing my shoes as I had never tried Asics shoes earlier.

I wanted to at least try them out as it was clear that my friend had spent plenty of time, effort as well as money to buy me a good present. I decided that I will wear my new Asics shoes for one short run and then make some logical excuse why I will not be able to wear them for my future running experiences. After using it I will be able to say that Asics shoes did not have the right fit or do not give adequate protection, or maybe just say that I did not feel comfortable in them. Then without feeling guilty I would be able to continue wearing my regular shoes for running.

Something which I did not expect happened when I was trying out my test run; I actually found out that I liked these new Asics shoes! They are very light and felt comfortable in the foot without having any breaking-in period. I did not see any blisters popping up on my initial run with Asics shoes, which was unique as this is one thing which mostly happens in my foot when I try to change brands. In fact I immediately changed my mind and wanted to purchase more pairs of Asics shoes.

I felt that there was no point buying Asics shoes from a brick and mortar sporting store because after a lot of research in the last few years, I have found quite a few good websites which specialize in running paraphernalia and also offer discounts. I logged on to those websites for my purchase.


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