Bukisa Versus Flixya – Which is The Better Network For Revenue Share?

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After reading for months about Bukisa on other publishing websites, finally I decided to join Bukisa.

Today is my first day on Bukisa and this is my first article. I already have experience with other Google Adsense revenue sharing websites, including Triond, Docstoc and RateItAll, so I had not problem with getting an account and confirming it with Google.

My first impressions with Bukisam, compared to Flixya are:

Bukisa seems to have much smaller user base than Flixya.

The percentage of Google Adsense revenue given back to the user on Bukisa is 60%, while on Flixya it is 100% (i.e. all the revenue is given back to the user).

On Bukisa an user can post article and how to, while on Flixya an user can post blog entry, photo and video. Writing articles is much harder job to do, than uploading photos or sharing videos, which sort of explains why Flixya have much  bigger users base than Bukisa. The bigger revenue given back to the users on Flixya is another motivation factor that can make more users to look at Flixya than at Bukisa.

All in all Bukisa looks more like and publishing website, while Flixya is more like a social network site, where people share interesting photos, videos and make blog posts.


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