Nancy Rizzo Contributes to After School Program

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With budget cuts putting severe limitations on what schools can now provide for students, after-school programs and elective classes are quickly falling by the wayside. Limited by their own need to work in the afternoons and provide for their families, parents of many students have no choice but to enroll them in expensive organizations during the afternoons. Fortunately, there are people out there who understand the need for reliable programs without a hefty price tag, and some of these people are in the position to fill the gaps that school budget cuts have been leaving behind. Nancy Rizzo and the other volunteers who were involved in the Martin Luther King High School after school program, which was sponsored for ten years by the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District, helped keep countless kids off the streets after school hours.

The Martin Luther King High School after school program, called “Opening Doors and Building Bridges,” opened in New York City in 1999 and over the course of ten years provided entertainment, guidance, and valuable resources to over four thousand kids. Nancy Rizzo contributed to the program in many ways, especially though a yoga program. Nancy Sherr Rizzo supported this yoga program for two years, from 2005 to 2007, and was even awarded a Community Service Award from Lincoln Square Business Improvement District for her hard work. Nancy Rizzo received this award in 2006 for her participation in the program and for “investing in a healthy future for our youth.”

Keeping kids out of trouble and involved in proactive, productive organizations can be difficult, but programs like the yoga class Nancy Rizzo offered really tap into the interests of the kids and help them become better-rounded individuals. Opening Doors and Building Bridges, and many programs like it, have truly served their communities well and have made great strides in improving the options for after school programs around New York City.

Nancy Sherr Rizzo understands that kids need guidance, and her work with the Martin Luther King High School after school program shows that this guidance can be achieved in a fun and productive environment. 


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