Wines in the Caribbean

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On the island of Saint Martin, which is part French and part Dutch, we have available all sorts of wines, from Château Margo to a common wine with no pedigree but still very good for everyday use.

We also have available wines from all over the rest of the world. I have tried Domaine Chandon from California which is made by the same company that makes Moet et Chandon in France. This champagne won one year from the mother country, and caused the director of Moet et Chandon to faint when he heard it. Just goes to show you that California wines are every bit as good as the French ones, and its mostly a matter of snobbishness.

It’s also easy to choose wine to go with your food. Usually the lighter the main course the lighter the wine, such as white wine with chicken and this white wine may be from any where. I particularly like German liebfraumilch with chicken.

The prices of wine here on Saint Martin, which is a shopper’s paradise range from $ 2.00 to more than $ 200.00 for some of the hoity toity brand names.

There are many places to shop for wine, from regular supermarkets to upscale wine stores. All sorts of alcoholic beverages are economical here on the island. One of our other big sellers is rum and the drinks made with it, but that is another story or article all together, as well as the cheeses and breads that the French are famous for.

I’ll check to see if I have comments and will take the next article from there. Cheese, breads or rum. Which will it be?


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