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Facebook is undeniably the thing of the new decade. More than half a billion people around the world communicate through this top social networking site in a regular basis (and that happens to include me). As of 2011, statistics show that there are more than 500 million active Facebook users. Statistics also reveal that each average user has 130 friends.  

It is nauseating if internet connection becomes intermittent, which means intermittent Facebook connection, too. It became part of a typical human life. It is like if you don’t have a Facebook account, the “typical” humans would raise their brows and say, “Which planet are you from?” In 2009 and 2010, Facebook remains the most googled word in the world. People around the word spend over 700 billion minutes per month on this world’s most visited website. It is funny that people even google Facebook login instead of going directly to the social networking website.

This new generation’s “F” word is now Facebook. It obviously caters to all ages, social classes, genders, races, and cultures. About the age, the privacy policy of Mark Zuckerberg’s billion-dollar baby states that there should be no information allowed from children under age 13. But the truth of the matter is I know some kids out there at the age of 12 and younger who google Facebook login in a regular basis. I hope Mark Zuckerberg can do something about this.

It is like porn. When you enter a porn site, you are asked to “leave if you are under 18”. All you have to do if you are a minor is to click the box that says “Yes, I am adult.” and presto, they are welcome in the adult internet world of lust. If these techies and website savvies were able to create million dollar social networking sites and online games, why can’t they make a way to prevent minors from entering porn sites? I do understand however that the more minors visiting the site, the more dollars to their bank accounts. So why not put them together and come with Facebook porn?  


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