Selling Your House Fast

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In 2009, Arizona posted the second largest foreclosure rate in the country. More than 163,000 homes, or over 6%, received foreclosure notices. Phoenix AZ was in the top ten of cities with the highest foreclosure rates in the country. More foreclosures lead to a decrease in home values.  As of May 2010 Phoenix posted an unemployment rate of 8.7%, with a real unemployment rate around 20%.. Unfortunately, this combination of loss of income with increases in health care, gas, taxes, and other items makes it extremely difficult to keep up on mortgage payments, and the decrease in property values make it difficult for a distressed homeowner to sell their house.

Selling a house under normal circumstances can be a painful experience. But how do you sell a house when you are behind on payments, foreclosure is coming soon, and the mortgage is more than the house is worth?

The answer is by working with a team of real estate professionals. These professionals can come up with strategies to buy property in any condition, negotiate with the bank, and buy your house without you having to come out of pocket.   They know the pain of selling a house and they understand the current market and can provide you all your available options in selling your house quickly.

In the end, the key to selling your house quickly is to seek an experienced real estate professional with a large and experienced team. Most people, when selling under a stressful situation are not aware of all their options; real estate professional can help.

Curt Maly is CEO of Endurable Investments LLC and Endurable Property Solutions. Located in Phoenix AZ and Austin TX. Find out more about how Endurable Property Solutions may be able to assist you when you are selling your property no matter what your unique situation is in Phoenix or Austin. Visit our website at We have local Real Estate experts and local Realtors that can assist you with any aspect in selling your property!


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