How Rich is Justin Bieber

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How rich is Justin Bieber?

Most fans of Justin Bieber might wonder how rich he is.

Justin Bieber net worth for the year 2010 reaches to $25.5 million dollars and he is still earning more money day by day. Today Justin Bieber is considered to be one of the youngest riches celebrity today. But since he is not 18 so he cannot spend his money the way he wanted to be. All his net worth still handles by his mom.

Justin Bieber is one of the famous teenage icon today with his so baby. Imagine how huge amount of money that he earning right now other than music Justin Bieber has several stuff available in the market such as Justin Bieber t shirt, hoodies, posters, necklace, bed sheets, books, I tunes, silly bands and nail polished. Also Justin Bieber have a lot of TV commercial such as 1 800 flowers and Funny ordie. With several tour and concerts imagine how much money is he earning right now.

Where ever Justin Bieber go his mom travels with him and sometimes he admit that they quarrel. But he is happy with the company of his mother. Justin Bieber sometimes thinks that he need time to be alone since he is growing up to be a full blown teen ager.


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