How Elderly People Can Avoid Constipation

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Due to stagnating stools within the bowels, they can become impacted or else extremely dry which makes it further difficult to pass these stools. Thus, for an elderly person, it can pose a real discomforting event and would rather avoid than suffering from its consequences.

Among some of the conditions which may develop among elderly individuals in association with a prolonged constipation would include hemorrhoids, hernias, strictures, impacted stools, intestinal obstruction…etc. Thus, it emphasizes the need to avoid such constipations before it becomes a major health problem among these individuals.

So how can we avoid constipation among the elderly individuals?

Drink plenty of water

When a person drinks lot of water, it will make more moisture to remain with the residues following digestion. Thus, the stools would have a certain amount of moisture at the time of reaching the end of large bowel and would be easy to pass than dried out stools.

Taking adequate amounts of fruits

Fruits can play a major role in ones bowel habits and it can be recommended to take at least two to three servings of fruits to facilitate easy passage of stools as well as to increase the bulk of the stools.

Including plenty of vegetables

Similar to fruits, vegetables would also be an essential element in an elderly person’s diet as it will also have properties which can avoid the development of constipation.  Therefore, each main meal should accompany a generous serving of vegetables for it to be an effective agent against constipation.

Spend an active lifestyle as much as possible

Being active would be an effective means of relieving bowel related problems and avoiding constipation would be one of the most important effect. Regular exercises, stretching, breathing exercises, activities of daily living…etc are some of the ways an elderly person can make themselves active and would assist in relieving constipation in certain instances.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible

These two ingredients have shown to be influencing a person developing constipation and should be avoided as much as possible, especially in instances where an individual is susceptible to develop constipation.

Take medical advice

If the constipation cannot be relieved of by using the above measures, seeking professional support would be necessary to prevent a prolonged agony for the affected person.


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