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Hi, I’m Roger Koehler, president of the basement connection and we service the west and southwest areas of Chicago, Naperville, Lemont, Bolingbrook, Joliet, Plainfield and the area surrounding. I hope you get a lot out of this video.
Frequently Asked Question 6
What are my different options for a finishing system?
Remember the first system we looked at with the cutaway wall and the plastic fabric holder, that system with the removable panels at the bottom are number one system if you will. Well that system, without the removable panels is perfect and actually was developed for commercial use. Commercial offices, this sort of thing don’t want pounding, they don’t want dry wall dust, they don’t want all of the hideous thing involved with the general construction. So, for conference rooms, offices, anything that you’d like quieted down. This is the perfect application, architects love it, designers love it, the elders love it. It goes on the wall, it’s got that same 1-inch acoustic board behind it. It’s perimetered with the plastic holding track, we just come in cut it the length, leave a little over and again stick it in the track and its up. The same thing with the bottom, it doesn’t come out, its again one piece. Now this wall could be two-toned it could be one-toned, we could also run the fabric this way and have this sort of a joint which is very very close. A nice thing about this system is it quiets it down if you ever have to replace it, we come in unhook this plastic clamp, the whole fabric falls off the wall, we’ve already cut pre-cut pieces to replace it. They go on, reseal the track; we’re out of there in a day. Another advantage that I’ve never really thought of but we use t-pins quite a bit. Remember we use them up there for the picture holding device, now these things are held down by t-pins also. But if you’re doing something were you had a look at a blueprint pretty big, well all they do is you get a tack board on the entire room so there is a lot of advantages commercially, you can think of any room you’d want to quiet down and any application and you can let your mind go wild about how many those there are.
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