Is it Love That You Feel?

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Well we all speak of this word, “love.” What is it really? Well as defined in the Oxford English dictionary, love is a deep affection or fondness. Many fall in love, which is when you are enamoured of love itself.

They swear on life itself for the sake of love. But to think of it really, what is life without love? Meaningless they often say. A life not worth living, many people find it hard to continue on living without finding love. Have you ever wondered why is love so hard to find? Merely because I think most people look to hard so they are blinded to love itself, they get caught up with the elements of love like feelings and body language. A person can be attracted to someone but they are not really in love with that person. So in this case you convince that person how much you love them, because ” I love you” are three simple words so easy to utter. When its time to really show the love you have for that person many become hesitant. You can never be sure but your heart can tell so listen to your heart.

Love is really a funny thing, you are always able to find this one person that is so in love but at times it’s like they are in love with themselves. Many who have been taken advantage of and being hurt but still would give their last breath trying to find love that will make their heart glow. Not all the time true love is with a person it can be something also, maybe that is why it is so hard to really find that person that makes you whole. All I know is that “Love” is a desirable feeling and everyone needs it. So If you are in need of love first you need to love yourself before you can love another and stop looking for love. Love, will find you. We should be thankful for the greatest love of all God’s love for us.


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