Social Change And Hrm

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First, many organizations are r, more and more temporary workers today. This trend, discussed more fully – allows them to add workers as necessary without the risk that they may have.

minute their jobs in the future, second, dual-career families are much more common today than just a few -s ago. Organizations are finding that they must make accommodations for – years who are dual-career partners. These accommodations may include delaying transfers, offering employment to the spouses of current employees to n them, and providing more flexible work schedules and benefits packages. A ‘cd aspect of social change and HRM, workforce diversity, was covered more.

•employment-at-will is also becoming an important issue. Although employment 11 has legal implications, its emergence as an issue is socially driven. Deployment-at-will is a traditional view of the workplace that says organizations fire an employee for any reason. Increasingly, however, people are arguing that confiscations should be able to fire only people who are poor performers or who vio-: rules and, conversely, should not be able to fire people who report safety viola-ns to OSHA or refuse to perform unethical activities. Several court cases in recent rs have upheld this emerging view and have limited many organizations’ ability to terminate employees to those cases where there is clear and just cause or there is an organization-wide cutback.


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