How To Display Skeleton Keys For Home Decor

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Skeleton keys are one of the easier vintage collectible items to come by. Skeleton keys are fairly easy to find at flea market and antique shops, and due to the abundance of skeleton keys still around, the price for each key is quite reasonable.

Once you have amassed a collection of the vintage metal charmers, how can the skeleton keys be displayed? Try one of the unique display ideas.

Tie a ribbon through the tops of several skeleton keys and hang them in a window by the top of the ribbon. Use one skeleton key as a shade pull, fan pull or light pull.

To create a hanging wall display of skeleton keys, take a board (size of board depends on wall space) paint the board in a desired paint color. Cut four pieces of wood trim to fit around the outside edges of board and paint four pieces of wood trim. When paint id dry place wood trim around the four perimeters of the board to give it a finished, framed looked. Lay board flat and place skeleton keys on it and play around with key placement, when an eye appealing placement is decided upon, use a pencil to mark the place in the board for a nail to hang each skeleton key on. Hammer small nails into each mark half way into painted board to create hanging spaces for a display of skeleton keys. Secure board to the wall and place skeleton keys on nails to create a unique display.

Skeleton keys are commonly cast in iron, bronze or brass and develop a striking patina over time. The more elaborate the skeleton key design, the older the key.


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