Filipino Tradition-Family

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The basic foundation of a society is the family without family there is no society meaning family is a very integral part of a society.Filipinos is family centered not like other culture when there kids or children reached age 18 they can be in your own and find there own job meaning they are alredy responsible for themselves.Unlike Filipino families when the kids reach 18 they are still in the family until they get married or even if they are married they can stay in the house of there parents as long as they dont have still there own house for the family.In some instances if you marry a Filipina woman you have to marry also there family because we are bound to our families it is our culture.But if you are still singlebut have work you can still live with your parents it would be your decision if you want to live independently.The kids or children have already a job it is there obligation to return something to there parents as a sort of help or anything that can show that you are giving back something to your parents because of the sacrifices they made for you in the past.

For us Filipinos our family is important we work hard because of one reason it is for our family.Filipino overseas workers are working hard for the family left in the Philippines they are there insipiration.Sometimes foriegner is shock when they get married to a filipina because it will be also there obligation to help the family of there wife that is veyr normal in our culture because we love and we care about our families.In short Filipinos are family centered every important occassions our family,relatives,friends, is always there like birthdays,graduations,fiesta, etc.Like what they say blood is thicker than water.Let us respect other culture and understand because being culturally diverse we need to learn and observe different cultures.


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