To I Pad or Not to Ipad

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It is the item on top of many shopping lists for Christmas, and with that becoming the most popular Christmas gift for 2010, The Apple Ipad.

Apple is doing amazing business in these last few months, not just in the United States but Also in Europe and Asia. The Iphone 4 was a hit the moment it made its way to the American stores. And the Ipad became an instant winner too. The first tabloid PC’s were seen in 2001-2002 most of them had a keyboard attached and looked still like mini laptops. Often clumbsy devices with terrible interfaces – USB did not exist yet – and often bulky and short battery lives.

With the introduction of Lithium batteries the battery life grew exponentially with their stock value. And once the touch screen became more and more compatible the new Pad as we know it today was born. Hardly larger then an e-reader people can now hold a full-blown PC in their hand with more processing power and memory then PC Towers from 5 years ago. The PC technology has taken an enormous sprint the last few years.

The Apple Ipad seems to be the number one all over the globe, but many companies from the cell com market are now introducing their own devices. Samsung with their new Galaxy Pad could be the number two on the market in the last days before Christmas.

Apple Ipad and the Apple App Store lead to great customer satisfaction. More than 300.000 Apps are available for the Apple Ipad. The use as E-reader for Ebooks and Ezines leads to downloading books from online bookstores like, and Thousands of new readers are brought to the digital table everyday. Free downloads of PDF books and Epub books is easy and can lead to an extensive digital bookshelf very fast.

Whichever pad is chosen, the question is, to pad or not to pad. Pads lead to an increased lifestyle and hours of enjoyment.


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