Skype For Iphone Now With Free Video

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Smartphones have become more accessible then a year ago. Providers offering lucrative contracts so that the market penetration for smartphones gets deeper and deeper. Phones are for voice messages, but science fiction always showed us the options of video calls. Now with the latest app by Skype and Apple Sci-Fi became non fiction.

Skype introduced free video conferencing many years ago and with millions of daily users has become the largest teleconferencing company in the world. Connecting this with the largest provider for smartphones – Apple – this becomes the most powerful tool for free video conferencing.

The system is for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch and available for free from the Apple App Store, this system can be working within minutes, depending on your download speed and connection. And the quality is just sublime. Now it is possible to video conference from any wireless connection in New York or Los Angeles to any location with a wifi connection on the globe. And this all comes at zero costs, which in the end shows us the freedom internet has to offer. Why pay for services which you can get for free.

Setting up is simple and works almost automatically; however the software allows the user to use a menu where voice quality and video quality can be set, according to the likings of the user. And settings are stored in real time and will work as soon as they are okayed by the user.

The video quality is crisp and sharp, all due to the high quality of the Apple Iphone screen which is among the best in smartphone land.

It is heard that HTC is soon also introducing Skype video conferencing for their HTC Desire. But Apple has beaten them again.


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