Free Video Calling With Apple Iphone, Ipad or Ipod Touch And Htc Galaxy

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Do you remember the seventies where Starship Enterprise from Star Trek was roaming our TV channels every week. The days where Captain James T. Kirk was calling Dr. Spock on his hand held video calling device across planets without a glitch.

These were the days we dreamed of Science Fiction. Now we live in 2011 and our wildest dreams have become true. Half the planet has a hand held mobile device with which he or she can contact anyone within our universe. And now video conferencing becomes part of the trend too. Nearly 4 decades we have waited for the technology to transform from the studios of Hollywood in to our local stores.

Hand held video conferencing is now enabled by the Apple Iphone and the HTC Galaxy and soon by many more devices and brands.

The Apple Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch use the Skype interface or as they call it at Apple the Skype App. The HTC uses a different interface, the Google’s Android OS operating system.

Mark your diaries, 2011 will become the year where video calling will become common practice. The best part of these video calling applications is that it is totally one hundred percent free to use. Download the software and get started. Skype users can either video call, video conference, or even leave messages in a offline message center.


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