Aretha Franklin The Queen Of Soul Is Not Dead

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The latest internet hoax is about the death of the Queen of Soul – Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin, the ultimate Queen of Soul recently came into the news after announcement she had incurable pancreatic cancer. It is true she has been in and out of her local Detroit hospital, however she is alive and kicking. However official word from either the record company or the management stays out. However all concerts have been cancelled since

Just after this official illness announcement a wave of Twitter messages hit the internet airwaves where allegedly the Queen of Soul had died. Non of these messages were confirmed, and it all seems to be one big hoax.

It is typical, many of these morbid announcements have been made lately, Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby and Johnny Depp were part of similar hoaxes. Unfortunately many times these Twitter waves do not come from the United States itself but find their origin in India and Pakistan. In both Pakistan and India it seems that homegrown internet journalists seek the publicity with incorrect and non verified information. These types of messages can spread like wild fire around the globe when they go viral on social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Aretha Franklin created a sound which has become known in every corner of the world. Even when she would have died, her music will live on forever. She was one of the voices who made Soul what it is today. She rode the top of the charts for many months with hits like Respect, Think, I Say a Little Prayer, Spanish Harlem, in the sixties and seventies. And later in the eighties she made a twirling comeback with Annie Lennox from the pop band The Eurythmics, George Michael and even Whitney Houston.


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