Highway Patrol: Ex Con

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The 10th episode from season 2, Highway Patrol: Ex Con aired in December 1956.  Early on, we see a couple of ex-cons force an old cellmate into helping them to steal $12,000 from a farmers’ combine.

Frankly, the beginning of this show is way too slow, and it bored me.  There wasn’t enough action, and it was subtle threats and such.  This is one of those shows where it’s several minutes before we get to see any representative of the highway patrol.

That said, the show picked up about halfway through, thanks to the plot including some intelligent police observation and action between Broderick Crawford’s Chief Dan Mathews and Stuart Whitman’s Sergeant Walters.  Whitman did a pretty decent job in this early recurring part, but on the whole, I prefer William Boyett’s character (he’s not in this show).

Now the ending of the show is a little questionable on believability.  It stretches the boundaries and gets a little ridiculous.

William Allyn guest stars as the cellmate being forced into action, and while I somewhat like the character, I thought Allyn really overdid the part.  He gets a bit too anxious in my opinion.

So, this show is a mixed bag of boring, good, and ridiculous.http://www.bukisa.com/myhome/content/submit/articles


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