What is Forest Legislation?

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Forest legislation in Pakistan is a provincial matter and is enacted amended by the Provincial Legislation Assemblies and enforced by DFO’s and other personnels empowered to do so. Forest legislation is a legal instrument to help foresters in achieving the objectives of the forest policy. There are many Forest Acts and Rules made by the Forest Departments under the provisions of Act which are applicable in part or full to the provinces. Most of the forest legislations are area  specific. The basic Forest Act which is applicable to all provinces in part or full is The Pakistan Forest Act of 1927. 

Indian Forest Act, 1947 was enforced at the time of independence of Pakistan  and was then adopted by the Government of Pakistan as the Pakistan Forest Act, 1927. 

Pakistan Forest Act, 1927 has laid down the procedures for constituting any forest or waste-land which is the property of the Government as Reserved Forest by the Provincial Governments. The procedure to settle the claims of rights and concessions by the local people has also defined. The Forest Officers are authorized to settle the claims. 

The procedures to declare any forest or waste-land under government control, as Protected forest which is not declared as Reserved Forest, have also been laid out. 


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