The Strange New World of Electronic Voice Phenomena (Evp)—A Quantum Leap Past Recording Just Spirit Voices

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These presented findings are extremely mind-blowing, and represent a quantum leap not only in communications—but in our understanding of the universe, and the infinite number of realities around us. The technology for this is still relatively crude and the results are going to be not too much different than the results from the first crystal radios—and is usually very verifiable. How I discovered it was from years of recording spirit voices on a pretty mundane tape recorder, eventually tallying at least several thousand paranormal voices. EVP, or (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is the recording of spirit voices through a tape recorder, digital recorder, or computer (the latter two being the most promising in voice quality and pick-up). When I discovered the new aspects of this research, it was the late 1980s, almost ten years since I had recorded my first voice, stating in its eeriely-toned voice: “Yes!” in regards to a question posed to me about the spirits of the dead being present.

I started to do EVP onto a crude, analog tape recorder and tape, way back in 1978, with a brand new tape recorder and tape. Then I was just a science-orientated teen—with an above-average IQ and very much an analytical mind to advanced, futuristic things, possibilities and concepts. But my early research into recording against silence and playing back eerie and mechanical-sounding spirit voices led me to a series of earth-shattering conclusions that were decades ahead of their time. The first conclusion was that the phenomena is real—recording spirit voices certainly can be done. Somehow the frequencies of the tape recorder and the human mind working together cause localized distortions in the space-time continuum, at the subatomic level, allowing entities to be able to process their “voices” from one dimensional reality to the next.

Through this process, a subatomic wormhole across realities is generated, like slicing across a turkey. But in this case, infinite realities are revealed that can be reached. The human mind would then act as a relay/transmitter and signal booster, using the dormant and non-dormant areas of the human brain to relay these inaudible signals as “voices” that the tape recorder could pick up and play back. The only problem was that the spirit voices lost quality and were eerily-distorted between dimensions, quantum realities and multiverses, which could conceivably be an infinite distance away. However, they are right adjacent to ours. But it was far more than “picking” up the voices of the dead, which in itself is a mind-blowing concept. However, this was so much more. However, the concept of the deceased being able to relay their voices onto tape laid the foundation for so much more to come.

These new theories slowly evolved through the 1980s, and it was this understanding that helped me realize that there was far more to this phenomena than spirit voices being picked up on tape. Although, even the concept of proof of life after death through these spirit voices is in itself earth-shattering. There is no doubt human beings definitely survive death—proof that anybody can get with simple recording technology. In regards to recording more than just spirit voices, I realized that I did not have to call out to the spirits. I could think of them and they came onto tape—usually within a few seconds. There were times when I recorded groups of spirits talking amongst themselves, without them ever realizing that I was listening. .

By 1988, with most of this and other relevant theories evolved enough, I tried to broadcast my own thoughts onto tape. Startled, my own “voice” appeared on playback—although it was an unspoken thought. My realizations that thought was a frequency and the tape recorder, in conjunction with the human mind, was picking up these thoughts of mine. In regards to recording the disembodied spirits, they didn’t have to have living vocal cords or equipment to process their voices through. It was the frequency of their thoughts, processed through the human brain, like my thoughts being impressed onto tape. But even my thoughts suffered the same effects of the space-time distortions generated by the machine, and were still distorted, even though, I, the researcher am alive and existing in my own “specific” reality. There could be trillions of other realities containing “me”—but in differing circumstances and events than this reality. Hasn’t quantum physicists already said that.

The next experiments were in recording people talking at a distance—I succeeded. Again, my thoughts brought them in. My mind acted like a supercomputer and signal collector, processing through people I wanted to “hear” at will and distance, like the spirit voices. The mind-machine symbiotic-link was beyond a shadow of a doubt. To the dead, it is like using physical, three-dimensional communications equipment. In their reality, it may appear very much that way to them. But it was infinitely more complicated and intricate. My early experiments with recording the spirit voices proved the link and so much more…for if I could record specific people talking at a distance, I could record anybody talking at any distance, living or dead.

As a researcher, it made me look deeper at some of my early spirit tapes and I found out that a number of them were people talking (and thinking) at a distance—their voices picked up at random across time-space. Their recordings were certainly not mundane and were more part of advanced quantum physics. This was something that we are only beginning to grasp the tenets of. This does not disparage the spirit-voices on tape idea (of the mainstream EVP-approach), but enhances the concept of a form of very advanced form of communication that easily went beyond time and space, picking up not only the dead, but extraterrestrials, ultraterrestrials and interdimensionals—who could “key” into my thoughts. Nevertheless, I never forgot where this research had originated from—and the meaning of survival after death. We survived death and there was proof.

The next experiments were earth-shattering indeed. I found out that the tape recorder symbiotic mind-link effectively were causing subatomic space-time distortions, generating a the recording of specific spirit and living voices at any distance, be verified. My next experiments would be the greatest in the long series of experiments yet. During early 1990, I pulled in EVP-like “voices” talking about a Mid-East war. It was possibly me talking in the future, as the voice sounded like me. This was months before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait—triggering off the largest global crisis since the 1962 Cuban Missile crisis. Either this was me coming from the future, or a parallel universe version of me talking.

Quantum physics has proven the existence of at least several other realities through their advanced mathematical and scientific theorems and equations. In reality, there are an infinite number of dimensions. EVP is just a crude way of communicating with the dead, interdimensional and ultradimensional beings—as well as “signals” from the past and future. It is simple and infinitely complicated as all the realities that exist and their interconnectiveness to everything else pn heaven and Earth. The acronym “EVP” should be easily changed to QCT (Quantum Communications Transceiver). It is essentially an embryonic, advanced form of communications. It started off as a breakthrough in communicating with the dead, and as earth-shattering as that is—EVP—or QCT, is infinitely so much more.

This research promises to greatly advance in the decades and centuries to come—giving us an incredible insight into these realities—and helping to define new scientific paradigms, as well as the theorems and equations that are at the heart and soul of all of them. What started as basically “seances” is evolving into so much more. As a researcher, I was also able to record extraterrestrials, some even in close proximity to the Earth, or moving through other dimensional realities. This simple technology transcended even the mind-shattering concept of survival after death.

I was able to enhance my mind-blowing research with analog pictures showing orbs, images of a Star of David and a being carrying a sword in the mirror. There was also an incredible picture of a glimpse into a multiverse. During Christmas, 1986, I snapped a picture of my patio. Upon development, radiant light was pouring out of a ghostly image of what seemed like a church, with skeletal beings standing around it, who had what looked like cellular structures interconnected by wires draped over them. There were several non-human faces seemingly flying above. This image was nothing mundane, or as a result of a double negative (or other photographic errors).


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