Wall Clocks Sizes

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Wall Clock Sizes

Wall clocks come in different sizes and choosing the right size wall clock  is important for the room or wall the wall clock will feature.  Typically wall clocks are categorized in 3 sizes, small wall clocks, medium wall clocks and large wall clocks.

Small wall clocks – up to 29cm

Small wall clocks are large enough to be noticed but make great space savers.  Having a small wall clock is a popular choice as the range of small wall clocks is just as great as any other sized wall clock. Small wall clocks are not just functional and practical; they also add style to the room where they are placed. Small wall clocks are available in a wide range of materials, popular small wall clock materials are wood, glass, plastic and metal.  Small wall clocks also come in a range of styles and designs from small traditional wall clocks to more modern designer small wall clocks.

Medium wall clocks – 30cm to 49cm

Medium sized wall clocks have typical measurements of between 30cm to 49cm.  Medium wall clocks are neither too big nor too small and are a very popular size to choose from. The range of medium sized wall clocks is vast and its easy to choose a wall clock to suite the wall your are looking to fix a wall clock too. Medium sized wall clocks are great all rounder’s, small enough to fit in most rooms but big enough to get noticed.

Large wall clocks – 50cm or over

The decor of your home is very personal. The choices that you make can turn a room from bland to beautiful with very little actual effort. A large wall clocks can make a huge difference in your decorating. You can turn a single wall into a focal point that will elicit comments from everyone who sees it simply by the addition of a timepiece. Reproductions of antique wall clocks tend to impress people. They offer an old-world style and charm to a room that you are decorating in a rustic or country style theme.


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