Wall Clocks Shapes

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Wall Clock Shapes

Wall Clocks are responsible for all our everyday timekeeping tasks and have become a vital part of our life. Along with contemporary furniture wall clocks have become a central attraction in many rooms. Wall clocks have become popular decorative item and the shape of the wall clock  is an important part of making them exceptional gifts that can be cherished as memorable timekeeping wall clocks. Wall clocks are available in the popular shapes, round wall clocks, square wall clocks and star wall clocks, there is also a wide range of wall clocks in other shapes.

Round Wall Clocks

Round wall clocks are typically one of the most popular shapes when people choose to buy a wall clock.  Round wall clocks come in many different styles and designs, from modern round wall clocks to more traditional round wall clocks .  The round shape makes them an ideal wall clock for any wall and typical round wall clocks range in sizes from 20cm all the way up to 70cm in diameter. Round wall clocks are made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic and glass.

Square Wall Clocks

Square wall clocks are becoming increasingly popular and are available in many different quirky styles making a real hit for decorating any wall. Square wall clocks are also made from different materials including metal, plastic and glass and some square wall clocks are made from composite materials.  One of the most popular styles of square wall clocks are retro wall clocks. Inspiration for these square wall clocks came from the vintage enamel signage that was once found in stations and shops, but are now only found in flea markets.

Star Wall Clocks

Star wall clocks are also a popular choice, to this day, star wall clocks remain a refreshing alternative to the usual timekeepers. Star wall clocks come in a variety of materials made from wood, metal, glass and plastics.


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