Idol Placement in Workplace

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For last three months discussions are going on in our workplace, whether Idol belonging to a particular region should be placed at workplace or not. It is generally observed that in private cabins of the people, some keep a photograph of their idol, upto that extent I feel it is all right. But concept of placing  Idol in a common place is something I am not too agreeable. I feel persons who are not of that particular relegion might feel awkward about it or if they do not worship the idol or give due respect to the idol then persons of idols follower might feel insulted. So it is something like creating a rift between the two communities. What do you feel? Please feel free to comment so that I might get some new insight.

Religion is something very personal and it should not be mingled with professional atmosphere, that is what I feel. One more thing is if one religion idol is placed then there are chances that others working in the office might demand that their religious symbols should also be placed, so I feel that will definately create a chaos in the organisation.

After placement question comes of the rituals associated with the deities, now is it possible to give right attention to the rituals in an office. If one person takes responsibility then naturally that persons work will suffer and someone else would bear the burden. So I personally feel that work itself should be worshipped leaving behind ones religion at home.


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