Sperm Quality

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The cause of declining sperm quality
Some indication of the cause of decline in sperm quality.

So great was the desire of a man to be able to have offspring. But many factors that cause the desire can not be realized. One of these is the declining quality of sperm. Conditions of decreased sperm quality could actually be anticipated if we can avoid some things that can cause impairment of sperm quality.

Here I would like to indicate some of the causes which can lower sperm quality. Complete discussion on this topic can be found at http://www.vinensia.com/ andhttp://www.zimbio.com/Infertility/articles/7q4qmY37H9J/Everyday+Things+Make+Sperm+Softening

They are summarized as follows :

Toxins that cause decreased sperm quality such as bisphenol A (BPA) and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). While the conditions that must be considered to maintain the quality of sperm is to keep the temperature around the ‘factory’ ie sperm testicles.

Quoted from MSN Health, Thursday, here are some everyday objects that risk of causing male infertility.

1. Structural expenditure
Nearly 40 percent of thermal paper used for printing the current expenditure structure using component bisphenol-A (BPA) that is harmful to sperm. Direct contact for 10 seconds with a shopping receipt can trigger the transfer of 2.5 mcg of BPA into the hands, whereas scrub the numbers increased 15-fold.

Although there is no strong evidence that shows how big the threat is, it never hurts to watch. This is simply not for long held the structural spending or immediately put it in the wallet or sealed envelope.

2. Food cans
The content of BPA in food cans used to coat the packaging. Acidic nature of the packaged food increases the possibility of BPA released from the layer so it would consumed when served.

To reduce BPA contamination of canned food, which is easy enough to avoid canned foods whenever possible and replace them with fresh food.

3. Sex toy
Several types of sex aids or sex toy for men and women such as dildos, vibrators and penis clamp ring is made of plastic vinyl. This type of plastic can release phthalates, compounds that could trigger dangerous allergies, cancer and reduced sperm quality in men.

To avoid this risk, choose a quality sex toy made of silicone. Safety is guaranteed because the silicon is also used for making medical devices trending in the hospital.

4. Toiletries
Phthalate not only be found on the sex toy but also a variety of vinyl products including shower curtains. Even some kinds of soap and shampoo are also using phthalates as an additive.

In order not to release the phthalate compounds, replace the shower curtain if it seems outdated. Choose soaps and shampoos are phthalate-free, usually are not much use of fragrances.

5. Pesticide
The advantages of organic foods are free of pesticide contamination that is harmful to sperm quality. Toxic pesticides can accumulate in plants, then consumed by humans though it was washed and cooked.

6. Laptops and electrically heated seats
Temperatures that are too high at around testicles can disrupt sperm production. Therefore, despite the cold weather, reduce the use of heating car seats and lap laptop that lights up in the thigh.

7. Marine fish
In general, the nutrient content of fresh marine fish, particularly omega-3 fatty acids are very good for health. However, marine fish taken from contaminated waters contain toxins that can lower sperm quality in men.

Toxins that pollute the waters and marine fish sperm is most dangerous for polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). This poison is a waste of the electronics industry that can accumulate in marine fish.

Images of the sperm trying to get into the egg cell :


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