Official Humanopro Review

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What was said to be a “pro” protein powder GEN HumanoPro seemed like a great product. But with some extended research I might’ve found a deeper reason why they got discontinued.

So here’s what here’s what this product was claimed to do:

  • Boost protein efficiency and promote increase lean muscle mass

  • Decrease oxidative stress leading to faster recovery

  • Decrease harmful cortisol levels

  • Speed fat loss

  • Balance adrenal function to combat aging

  • Boost sexual function, and promote improved sleep and mood

Also, here’s what another review said about this product when it was on the market:

HumanoPro biostimulating muscle food is the first and only protein formulated with HumanoVar™ embryonic peptide growth factors, MX-7™ (Methoxyflavone), pure Russian β-Ecdysterone, and an enhanced Whey Protein System rich in Glutamine Peptides. HumanoPro’s Ultra-Whey Concentrate and synergistic Growth Factors have been shown to stimulate synthesis, nitrogen retention and promote lean muscle mass gains.

Even though this seems like a positive review on this product, this does not really make this product seems all that interesting. This may be one of the reasons why it may have been discontinued.

Also, the product was said that it helps improve protein synthesis or the intake of protein for muscles, by adding quality whey substrate high in glutamine peptides. And what these peptides are said to do is give stimulation to cell processes that even further enhanced by potent anabolic agents, dramatically increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of protein, and leading to vastly improved size, strength, performance and health.

Plus, the maker said that “GEN HumanoPro is much more simple then protein”. Thus reading this claim also may me wonder, for I never really heard a maker of product try to claim or even hint that their product ingredients are “more simple” or better then protein.

Despite this, it seems like this product had a somewhat good or great thing going for them with all the claims saying to help build muscle fast.

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