What To Look For In Reception Halls

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Planning your wedding means planning for your ceremony and your reception. Some do not have a reception, but this is a common part of most wedding celebrations. When you go out searching for reception halls, there are quite a few things to consider beyond how much it is going to cost you and how many people you can find inside comfortably. The small details are what are going to make it a fun time for both you and your guests. Make a list so you know what you need. You should take your time, even if your options are somewhat limited.

The size of the reception halls is important. You can not choose one that is too small, but you also do not want to get one that is too big. If you have a lot of open space for dancing, that is great. However, if the space is overwhelming, the reception is going to feel a bit awkward. Look for something with a little more room, as you may have some unexpected guests, but don’t rent reception halls that hold 300 if you are only expecting 50 guests. Go bigger than you need, but don’t rent too much space.

What do you envision for your decoration scheme for your reception? This is important. Some reception halls allow you to do what you want, with some small restrictions while others do not allow you to alter the room in any way. Perhaps you want to have twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling. You want to find reception halls that will allow you to do this. If you do this without permission, you may be charged for whatever they deem to be damage to the hall. If it is okayed right in the contract you sign, and you go by their recommendations, you are free and clear to do what you want.

Search out reception halls that are near your ceremony, but that are also near everything your guests may need. Think about those that are going to come from out of town. They are going to want a nice place to stay while they are in town for the wedding. They are also going to want to find nice places to eat and also a few things to do. Don’t forget about those that love to go shopping. Look for reception halls that are near all of these things. Don’t worry, this should not be too hard to find in most areas.

Lastly, think about convenience. There are some great reception halls out there that lack in a few important things. Some have very inadequate parking, or perhaps are not in a safe part of town. They look great during the day, but the area may take a turn at night. If your guests are going to be there after dark, see how the neighborhood is at night and if there is adequate lighting in the parking lot. Look for hazards, handicap access, and other small things that can disqualify the best reception halls before you make your final choice.


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