The Residential Treatment “advantage”

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Often teens in need of real therapeutic help don’t get enough benefit from the weekly visit to a therapist to offset the destructive elements of peers, music, and addictions.

Most of these parents are dedicated to finding answers. Many have attended parenting classes, read books, and tried new approaches to working with the troubled teen. Visits to the psychiatrist (when medication is deemed appropriate), therapist, and even school counselor sometimes seem to yield little or no results. Most of all, many parents report feeling “exhausted” because they don’t know what else to do. They get to a point where the out of control teen is taking all of the time, attention, and energy that should be directed to work, other family members and feel like the child is “holding the family hostage.” The 24/7 nature of dealing with a troubled teen truly can overwhelm even the best of parents.

It is in such cases that a real advantage of a residential treatment center becomes apparent: the professionals who work with these kids get to go home at the end of their shift! Rotating shifts of professionals trained to work in a residential treatment program can give each child the very best while at work, but unlike the parents at home, can then go home to a normal sane, life to recharge the emotional batteries. They can use their training to effect change, and then rotate someone else in to the picture who can bring their fresh, new energy and training to help the teen work through their issues.

Quite literally, this type of residential treatment program turns the tables on the teen—the positive reinforcement and training is 24/7 and it is the child who is constantly getting bombarded with better behaviors, love, and support. Just as the parents before were worn out by the negative parade and succumbed in the end, the child in treatment is bombarded by a steady diet of “you can do this” and “change is possible.” They, too, give in in the end, revealing one more of the many reasons why residential treatment is so effective.

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