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Back Pain Relief

Having low expectations for promised back pain remedies, I visited Relax the Back for what ended up an uplifting experience in my search for back pain relief. Like many, lower back pain relief has been my specific goal for years, even if for just a few minutes at a time, and I actually found several items that delivered. Here is what I tried:

Of all the back pain remedies I sampled, my favorite is a device you lie on that tips you upside down so as to reduce compression on the spine. I’d seen these anti-gravity contraptions before, but this is the first I had tried in my quest for lower back pain relief. Much to my amazement, not only did it provide general back pain relief (everything just relaxed), my lower back pain tangibly lessened as I lay there. Other interesting back pain relief items included a desk that could be raised and lowered to the most comfortable height and a variety of mattresses that I would definitely have gotten a good night’s sleep on. But looking for less costly back pain remedies at this point, I moved on to try out several of the many specialized back supports intended for use in the car. If you are like me, you spend a good amount of time driving and lower back pain relief has, so far anyway, been an illusive thing (I will have to write an update down the road a ways).

What impressed me about Relax the Back was the knowledgeable staff who seemed genuinely eager to help me target the best-suited of the back pain remedies for me and my budget. As if that was not enough, their return policy is quite generous: If you take one of their products home –say an office desk chair that promises back pain relief or great comfort and support–and in two or three weeks you remain unconvinced that it has offered you the back pain help it promised, you may return the chair to the store for an exchange or even a refund.

I urge anyone in search of back pain remedies — or at least some degree of back pain relief– to give the guys at Relax the Back a shot. Let them know if lower back pain relief, specifically, is what you are in the market for and then allow them to guide you. They are as generous with their time as their return policy and in doing so offer the best back pain help I’ve had in … well, ever.


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