Where To Find Gluten Free Ice Cream

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Just about everybody loves ice cream. Unfortunately, some brands of ice cream contain hidden gluten. Here is a list of ten brands of ice cream that are gluten free.

Ben & Jerry’s

According to their website, if any of their flavors of ice cream contain gluten, it will be marked clearly on the label. If it is not marked, that flavor is gluten free.

Blue Bell

For an extensive list of ice cream flavors that are gluten free, check out this review here.

Blue Bunny

According to their website, any Blue Bunny ice cream flavor that contains gluten will be mentioned clearly on the label.


According to their website, if any of the eight common allergens (including wheat) are included in their products, they will mention it on the label in plain language. If it is not marked, that flavor is gluten free. 

Cold Stone Creamery

Though some flavors from Cold Stone Creamery contain gluten, there is an extensive list of flavors that do not. Allergen information can be found here.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has a list of treats that can be consumed on a gluten free diet. Their most popular being their vanilla and chocolate soft serve, Arctic Rush slush & the MooLatte. For a complete list, click here.


According to their website, Haagen-Dazs has several gluten free flavors of ice cream.

Skinny Cow

According to their website, Skinny Cow’s low fat fudge bars and mini fudge pops are gluten free.

The Country’s Best Yogurt (TCBY)

For those who prefer yogurt to ice cream or are lactose intolerant, TCBY has a detailed list of their ingredients, including allergy information. The list can be found here.


According to their website, Totally Fudge & Marry Me bars are both gluten and lactose free.

There you have it. Ten places to find gluten free ice cream or frozen yogurt. 

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