The Escapes of Man

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Our individual lives are full of sorrow, pain, longing, guilt, belief, competition, aggression and hatred.  And collectively we start wars, genocides, starvations, greed, envy and lust.  These evils crucify the species.  It has always been so.  So how do I respond to these facts?  Necessarily, we must condemn warfare and all depreciation of human, animal and environmental resources.  The species aligned to the planet itself.  But inwardly, in terms of seeing one’s ambition, one’s self-centeredness, one’s hatred and guilt, one’s frustration with becoming a somebody or an image of the good man or a powerful man or woman – how do you view these items?  One cannot deny them.  Or condemn them.  Or project an opposite to practice in order to rid oneself of pride.  One cannot justify these inner drives or excuse or equivocate about them.  All the machinations and escapes of man have attested to this.  So what is the response?

Seeing the facts of limitation, vanity, death, and fear, which our selfishness and self-absorption produce and reinforce, within the psyche without reaction, without denial or efforts to cover them a thousand ways, is the beginning of true intelligence.   Sitting with these facts simply and watching them for what they are is the beginning of that pathless journey to not only discover oneself but make a wonderful impact upon the world.


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