Watches Have An Interesting History

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We all know that watches are used for checking time but from its earliest times they have also been an item of fashion and style. They were designed in a number of designs and looks to make them attractive. Different kinds of gems and jewels like gold, silver, platinum and diamonds are used for embellishing the watch by the watch makers to give the watch a classy and gorgeous look.

1524, as per history, is believed to be the earliest year when watches were manufactured. Some believe that manufacturing began earlier in France and in 1574, Charles Cousin, a watchmaker from France moved to Geneva in Switzerland and settled there. In those days watch was just used as a jewel and was not available for the masses.

Charles Cousin established a watch guild in Geneva and it was during this period that Switzerland watches became very well known. Switzerland had many watchmakers prior to Charles Cousin, but the commitment he had led him to organize this sector and it gave boosted quality watch manufacturing and broadcasted this to the world. Of courses the watches created in those days were not as good as the ones seen today. Initially the timepieces were erroneous and many of the watches were made with only one hour hand and one needed to wind it two times in a day.

The watches remained as jewelry pieces between 1600 to 1700, but this era also welcomed many technical innovations. Pocket and pendulum watches evolved at this time and in 1675, they introduced a spiral balance spring was brought into use which helped in better accuracy of keeping time. Now they could keep fraction of an hour as compared to a fraction of minute.   Pendulum watches were hung in the neck till 1675, and later Charles II of England brought in the long waistcoats for men and they used to keep these watches in the waistcoats pockets.

In 1878 Croton Watch Company was established and from that time the family is in the same business. It is managed from New Jersey, USA and for over 100 years known around the world for its classy watches. From the time of its inception, the family is running the business in United States and the globe.

Croton wristwatches are traditionally designed to keep up with the fashion as well as the innovations in trends for the coming generation. You can see different Croton watch models in various high end magazines such as the Harpers Bazaar magazine. In fact the models from Croton are often better than the more expensive models from some of the other known brands. You get Croton watch with a lifetime warranty.


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