How Well Do You Care For Your Ear

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Our ear is one of the main sensory organs of our body and its main function is to perceive sounds.  Other than listening it also plays an important part in our body position and the sense of balance. The auditory system is composed of the brain along with the ear.

There are several medical complications which can arise in the ear. If you don’t take proper care then it is possible to develop ear infections and other medical complications.  There are several infections but the most common infection in the ear is Otitis.  Otitis is a broad term which is used when there is an infection or swelling of the ear.  It can be divided into three categories.

  • Otitis Externa infection involves the auditory canal and the pinna and people suffering from it can feel a pain in the ears when they are pulled or touched. This is also called the “swimmer’s ear”.

  • Otitis Media typically affects the middle ear and in this infection the ear gets infected or filled with fluid behind the ear drum, in the tympani cavity which is filled with air during normal conditions.

  • Otitis Interna is also known as Labyrinthitis. It infects the inner ear which is home to the main sensory organs for hearing and balance. A common symptom of this condition is Vertigo.

It is possible to get ear infections due to dirty water, things trapped in the ear canal, severe ear manipulation, some lifestyle factors like smoking and conditions like colds.           

How to take care of your ear

Mentioned below are some useful tips which will help you take better care of the ears and it will also prevent any infections:

  • Take additional care while cleaning the ears.  It is good to use a tissue or a washcloth or tissue to dry wipe the pinna. Avoid using pointed and sharp objects to clean the middle or inner ears s they can harm the ear canal.

  • Shield your body from illnesses as upper respiratory tract infections can lead to harmful effect on your hearing ability. In case there is an unusual ear discharge, you must consult a physician as soon as possible.

  • Don’t expose yourself to high level of noise and it is good to wear ear protection if you need to do a job which will expose you to very loud sound. Don’t play music in very loud volume. You can wear ear plugs if you are attending loud concerts for protection.


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