Bust Myths About Carpet Cleaning

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I think carpets are being used since early civilization and with that have come the methods of carpet cleaning. On the other hand new techniques of expert carpet cleaning have also way to numerous myths related to carpet cleaning which at times discourage individuals from keeping as well as getting their carpets cleaned. One does not realize that dirty carpets are not only packed with grime and dust but it also becomes a breeding ground for diseases and germs. The fact is that dirty carpets can also pollute the atmosphere in the home which can cause various illnesses which can affect your family also. It is essential clean the carpet on a regular basis to ensure that your family stays healthy and the home is clean. In case the myths mentioned below are a reason for you not cleaning your carpets, then you must get out of it so that are able to give your family a healthy and clean home.


The carpet should not be vacuumed too much: Many of us think that portions of our carpets are being lost when we see small amounts of fluff being sucked in by the vacuum cleaner each time we vacuum our carpet. It has been seen through research that when you vacuum the carpet it does not harm the carpet in any way such as making it worn off and thin. There is no harm in vacuuming your carpet three or four times in a week without harming it in the long run. Typically a normal carpet is vacuumed just three or four times in a month and it is important that you do it more often.

Carpet cleaning makes it get dirty faster: Many of us have heard this and also believe in it. There are times when carpet’s susceptibility for getting dirty goes up to a great extend just as it is cleaned. We may think so but this does not happen because it is cleaned but because of not being cleaned properly. When the carpet id not cleaned well and some cleaning chemicals remains are left there then it has a tendency to attract more dirt and grime.

It is vital that the carpet is cleaned very well and there are no traces of chemicals left on the carpet. If you do this be sure your carpet will not attract any more grime than earlier. If you get a Scotchgard coating you can be sure that it stays clean for long. Best way to get proper cleaning is by employing a good expert carpet cleaning service that knows how to do the job rather than trying to clean yourself or hire a cheap service.


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