Cleaning And Organizing Your Computer

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Considering the PC to be your office is a good idea to as it stores all your files and pictures. In fact you can compare this to a real office which has files and machines with decorations.  You can consider the operating system as the boss.  With this in your mind you can imagine an office which you have visited was inefficient and slow. There can be several reasons for inefficiency and it is also true with the computer. You will find that there are several things which can slow down the PC. One of most common things which are overlooked is clutter and disorganization.

Disk Cleanup- Numerous unnecessary files and other things get accumulated in the office and this happens to the computer also. You can manage to keep all the clutter in control by running the cleaning utility from time to time. This system of cleaning in the Windows is known as “disk cleanup.”  It will eliminate all kinds of unnecessary files based on the options you select.

If you want to run disk cleanup on Windows XP you just have to click on the “my computer” link in the start menu. Then you need to click on the “C drive” or “hard disk” and select properties. Just click “disk cleanup” after that and do as suggested by the prompts. At the time of picking files for cleaning or deleting Windows gives you the details which will assist you decide. As you go over the list of different kinds of files, you will just need to click on the name of the file and read its description below. You will get to know if the file can be deleted safely. If you want to pick the file group you will have to check the box near the name of the group. Once you have finished choosing you can click “OK” to finish.

It does not take too much time to perform a disk cleanup and it takes only a few minutes. You will ultimately save a lot of time as your computer will work faster. It is good to run the disc cleanup regularly than only once in a long time. You can also make it a scheduled task which will let the computer to run it automatically when determined by you. 

What I have mentioned earlier will help you eliminate quite a few unnecessary files, but it is also required to remove all unnecessary programs. You can do this by using the “add or remove programs” feature in Windows. It can be found in the control panel and here you will be able to see a list of all the installed programs as well as the option to uninstall them. 


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