Are You Concerned About Cleaning Granite Countertops?

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People who want to increase the value of their homes will like durability as well as convenient maintenance when they upgrade to granite countertops. It is a known fact that granite is amongst the most resilient of stones and is second to diamonds only. Granite which is created from molten rock has the ability to endure a very hot pot even with no trivet. It is hard surface which is very good for managing confectionery and dough. It is true that they require low maintenance and are durable, but they are not resistant to harm.

If you have a well installed granite countertop, it will last you lifetime, which is really worth the high cost which is associated with this material as well as the installation. It is good if the company which has given the granite offers personalized instructions on taking care of the slab with each purchase as granite rock is made up of several different minerals. We may not realize that even if two different granite slabs have been brought from the same place you will find variances in the stone and it will need to be taken care differently.

Remember that good care will ensure long life and beauty which is expected from this superior stone. Typically you get a polished finish but it is also possible to obtain a flat or “honed” look. Honed finish may look very appealing but it is not a good idea to select it for using in the kitchen. With the passage of time and daily use the stone will look polished in some parts and the extra required sealers will mar the beauty of the stone surface. It is much simpler to maintain a granite stone with a polished finish if you clean it on a regular basis and take proper care. It is good to use sealers to avert staining.

Granite countertops are very tough and can endure the falling of a full can, but the polished surface becomes a little more delicate. You should avoid using the granite countertop as a surface for cutting to avoid scratches. If you don’t want any streaks while cleaning the top it is best to use only little dishwashing liquid with warm water.

Other than the strength, granite is also a very attractive stone which that adds warmth and color to all kitchens. You can have your granite countertop last for several years with just a little care to safeguard their attractiveness and usefulness.


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